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Hot off the Presses!--

  • Doing It. A revolutionary publication-- e-mailed to your in-box or snail-mailed monthly, and packed with articles, tools and exercises to help achieve your goals, expand your comfort zone, and live from a place of essence.

Click here for more information, to view the introductory Quicktime or Flash movie, and to subscribe!

Join this community of like-minded individuals looking to live more and more consciously and positively, in a world where the sky's the limit.

"Something Positive in Your Box...
Every day... for a Nickel a Day!"

  • Something Positive.com/CalifaFarms.com.-- A pet project on-deck for release, and second subscription site consisting of original, daily doses of inspiration, excerpts from some of the short stories mentioned below, and interviews with unique characters such as... well, yourself! Where Doing It is intended as a collaborative how-to, SomethingPositive/CalifaFarms is pure, original fun from the recesses of my mind.

My life has been viewed from the perspective of the writer. Every special experience, collected moment, cherished memory, has been-- at one time or another-- held up to the sun like a crystal, and its facets appreciated for its reflections of the world.

Fortunately or unfortunately, most of these gems have, in my case, been comprised of warped, funhouse glass... with my conclusions often drawn perhaps a bit skewed. Or perhaps not.

Alas. Maybe it is good that they have been acted out on paper, and the overly-sensitive and unwitting exempted from their effects!

The following are additional projects working their way toward the light of day in their own sweet time:
  • The Male Bonding Handbook. (humor, reveals exactly why we men leave the seat up!
  • The Big Picture: A Children's Story for Adults. Because adults need hope too.
  • The Penny Man. You'll never look at a penny the same way again.
  • BFE: The Caldwaller Chronicles. Mayberry meets Lake Wobegon meets Northern Exposure meets... in a world of short stories that'll warm the cockles of your heart. you know where your cockles are, don't you?
  • ... and other ramblings sure to follow.

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