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Talent Work: Stunts/Acting/CommercialPrint Modeling

For over 30 years I have been:
  • a working (SAG/AFTRA) Hollywood stuntman who's gotten paid to break, burn and crash things
  • a smalltime (but reasonably acclaimed) actor
  • and in recent years, through the respectibility a bit of salt and pepper conveys, a commercial print model and spokesperson.
On this page you will find a selection of action/stunt photos from various films and projects, as well as headshot/comp shots and resume information posted as a convenience to those who might hire me. Clicking on the first two thumbnails will download a larger version of these in the form of a small pdf file; clicking on the last four will take you to larger versions of a thumbnail. And anyone requiring a headshot or resume in PDF format can also click on those links to download.

David Bartholomew David Bartholomew
David Bartholomew David Bartholomew David Bartholomew David Bartholomew

Click here to download headshot.

Click here to download comp card.

Click here to download talent resume
(guaranteed to be-- more or less-- recent).

A little example of defiance of gravity and posted traffic laws in action: a commercial on which I stunt coordinated, did the majority of stunt/precision driving that you see (including the ramp jump), and was cast as talent.

Objective: push hotdog cart, wait for crash, don't get crushed. From "Black Snow". Transformed into Buster Keaton for "Lincoln-Mercury".
As both lost boy and pirate on "Hook" Doubling Ned Eisenberg, after applying a scary receding hairline haircut for "Last Man Standing"
As a terrorist in "True Lies". Bullriding. 75-foot high fall into boxes, for music video. Racing Grand Prix cars at Bondurant.

Talent Resume (highlights, see pdf for more recent/complete)
Project Role/Skills Company/Stunt Coord. (if applicable)
Wishcraft Actor Double, Utility Sony, Jim Wilkey
Godzilla Utility Big Fin Prod., R.A. Rondell
Last Man Standing Ned Eisenberg Double, Utility New Line, Allan Graf
Address Unknown High Fall, Fight Leucadia, George Fisher
Jade Utility Paramount, Buddy Joe Hooker
True Lies Utility Fox, Joel Kramer
The Chase Henry Rollins double, Precision Driving Fox, Loren Janes/Buddy Joe Hooker
Hook Fencing, Fights Tri-Star, Gary Hymes
Robocop II Utility Orion, Conrad Palmisano
Always Fight Scenes Amblin', Steve Lambert
Blind Fury fights Tri-Star, Dick Ziker
The Abyss Diver/Lighting 20th Century Fox
Dazed and Confused Utility Universal, Fred Lerner
The Heart of Dixie Fights Orion, Bill Anagnos
Lost Angels Car Dodge Rick Barker
Keaton's Cop N.D. driving Cannon, Marvin Walters
Cohen and Tate Driving sequences Tate Prod., Andy Gill
Night Game N.D. driving Baseball Prod., Andy Gill
Black Snow Precision Driving, chase sequences Houston Cinema, David Sanders
Soldiers High Fall, Fights Panaguard Prod., self
Peacemaker Scuba Diver Crawford-Lane, B.J. Davis
Honda (numerous National and Regional spots) Precision Driving Tuesday Films, self
Honda Precision Driving Radical Media, Kelly Brown
Soldier of Fortune Utility Jeff Dashnaw
Barclay's Bank High Fall Great Guns, Chris Nielsen
Ghost of a Chance (pilot) Precision Driving Kelly Brown
Walker: Texas Ranger Utility ABC, Eric Norris
Partners Griffin Dunne double Showtime, Kinnie Gibson
American Auto Association (2 spots) Precision Driving McFarland-Drier, self
Rescue 911 (2 episodes) Fire Scenes, Driving CBS, self
Sea World Utility The Competition, self
Lincoln-Mercury Buster Keaton double, Precision driving Karyx, Buck McDancer
"Tokyo" music video High Fall WIN Entertainment, self
Alive at the Fair High Fall Warner QUBE, Tom Morga
3 Bondurant certified high performance schools-- including Grand Prix/Formula Road Racing
Training includes: acting- Marietta Marech (Houston- Alley Theatre); voice- Debra Ross-Sullivan; casting showcase/workshop- Shari Rhodes, CSA; broadcast journalism- Mark Raduziner (JCCC).

Principal and on-camera parts include: Robocop II (dir.- Irvin Kershner), Always (Steven Spielberg), Heart of Dixie (Marty Davidson), Soldiers (Carol Greene), Rescue 911 (2 episodes, Chris Pechin), Lincoln-Mercury (Peter Traynor), Honda (Jon Yarbrough, David Wagreich) and more.

Commercial Print includes: Sprint, Cessna, Raytheon, YMCA, and more.
Special Skills
High Falls, Precision/Performance Driving, Air Rams, Scuba, Body Burns, Fights, Tai Kwon Do, Swimming, Water Skiing, Fencing, Bullriding, Bunjee Jumping, Rapelling, all utility.

Sports: Water Polo (Navy, Ohio State, LA Valley College), Rubgy, Weightlifting, Running, Tennis.
Houston Police Department: '83-'86. Patrol, Dive Team, Accident Investigator.
Ohio State University. B.A. in Personalized Study Program (combining courses in Communications, Photography and Cinema, Journalism, Theatre and Business). '80-'82.
United States Naval Academy (Annapolis). '78-'79.

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