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Please re-visit this page often for updates on upcoming shows, new galleries supporting the work, and various other news-- such as forthcoming series release dates.


I am presently booking shows in effort to get my work known. Should you like these images and know of an appropriate event, I would very much appreciate any leads. Please contact me with this information.


Likewise, I am learning to maneuver through the world of reputable galleries. Any leads here would also be appreciated.

  • September, 2002. The launch of Spirit Photography!
  • Currently of note is the New York City Glory, 2002 series. Primarily shot on or about Memorial Day weekend, this series aims to honor the events, of course; but to also remind us of the resilience and recovery of this city, through its architecture, scope and the spirit (even up to the point of irreverence) of its people.
  • As of January, 2003, selected framed prints can be purchased at Southwest and More and My Father's Daughter, both on Massachusetts Street, in Lawrence, Kansas. Please frequent these fine stores.

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