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About the Artist

Note: This is the place where I indulge myself and pontificate on art and all of that. If you prefer pictures over words... please proceed to the catalog. I would.

Some thoughts on my style and the principles driving my work include the following:

  • Inspiration. As in all of my endeavors it is my explicit intent to call Spirit in, and do my best to get out of the way of it. I am fueled by all that puts me (us) in touch with Source (your word here), Beauty, Simplicity, Imagination, Kinship, and the Possibility within us all. That it is possible for us to appreciate the mystical, magical, and whimsical in everyday life in increasingly larger slices... that is the inspiration... the muscle I desire to stretch. For me, noting the "little things" is key to this ongoing process of growth and discovery.
  • Growth. Each image is a step along a path, and as you choose to keep walking that path, you can occasionally take glances back to remember how far you've come.

    It is thus a personal path. The potential to learn about oneself by way of noting what the "snaps" one takes, views, reacts to, or collects say about who he or she is-- is an ongoing revelation. Whether one drives his or her subject matter, or just lets it happen, increased self-awareness is inevitable. This comes down to one's eye- which is really the sum total of a given perspective on life, that has been influenced by nature and nurture, and is in constant flux. As all art is editing--choosing a scene, a moment, a finite bit out of the universe of raw materials, and claiming it symbolic or representative of a much larger whole-- those choices can only reflect back on the artist and aficionado themselves. The courageous can then choose to expand their interest in a way that constantly challenges their eye, and ultimately keeps the whole process alive and invigorating.
  • Archetypal. We think, and remember, in images.

    A great photograph stands alongside a great painting, a renowned sculpture, a frozen moment in a cherished film, the phrase that sums up and freezes the classic work in music or literature. For all great art stops time; and among these photography does it the most precisely, and in the greatest synchronicity with our memories of life's most important and special moments. Each one of our "Eureka!" moments boils down to the precise millisecond that we got it. And like the photograph the moment is frozen within us for all time.
  • My promise to you.
    • I choose to shoot the images that take me somewhere, and offer those that I hope will take you there too.
    • I strive for a minimum of editing and manipulation, and offer, on a consistent basis, an uncropped frame that humbly announces, "This is the moment you were meant to see."
    • As in a recipe that can be measured and prepared identically by two people, with two drastically different results, I believe the dish prepared with more love will be all the more appealing to the taste. So long as it is feasible, the developing and printing of each black and white silver-gelatin print shall be personally and lovingly undertaken by myself.
    • And, in honor of those who choose to support fine art photography generated from an original artist's negative, I shall always intend that runs on limited editions remain... limited. While card sets, posters, and four-color prints may come to be offered on a particular image, please know that the value of your purchase is meant to be preserved... and in a perfect world, increased manifold over time!

Thank you for your interest in my work.

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