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Urbania Series

There are a lot of places to develop character.

You can do it somewhere out in the country where the elements are getting the best of you. There, there are often-enough at least a few good folks close enough to pitch in and help.

But there is a special kind of character that comes out of scrapping in a big city-- where a cold-shoulder'll pretty much leave you to pick yourself up by the bootstraps every time.

If you have a Jones on, you wind up in a city. Suffering the effects of too much familial over-familiarity? Run away to the city. The soundtrack here is Jazz, Rap or Blues... and the ambience is accented with industrial haze, bus fumes, and the occasional whiff of... something they charge you a quarter for to relieve if you're not a paying customer.

It's got to be hard bottoming out on stained concrete; but for this reason I have to believe that the really great angels are more likely to be pulling duty here.

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A New Dawn-ls
A New Dawn-p
Blessed Pets
Blessed tortillas
Eat Rite
Mouthpiece of the Greats
Concrete Comic-ls
Concrete Comic-p
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