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Spirit Photography

by David Bartholomew

Thank you for exploring my scrapbook of images.

I consider this work "Spirit Photography"... as my positive intent in getting out there is to increase my feeling of connectedness in the world. Whether I'm crawling on hands and knees in the dewy grass sizing up mushrooms, rolling down the road marvelling at the largeness of this world, appreciating the poignancy of moments between friends and strangers, or honoring bits forgotten along the way ... it is my aim to capture the simple essence of that subject... in its place... at that time.

Please meander around... recognize yourself as one who has never lost that same sense of wonder... and take some time to allow these images to rekindle warm memories from your own catalog of experience.

  • This collection is divided into a number of themed series. As there is much overlap between these categories you will perhaps find a matching image to one that you would wish to pair in another area.
  • Clicking below will take you to a page of thumbnails on that series. From there you are able to view larger images as you choose. References numbers (e.g. B36-27 or P8-14) are listed below each selection to aid in the ordering process.
  • Also available are printable catalog pages. These are offered as single sheets as opposed to an entire cataog in order that you receive only that material that is of interest to you.
  • All images on this site are copyrighted. No unauthorized use please.

Available Series:

Spirit, Magic and Things Fantastic
All kinds of things that help us to believe in... the unseen.

The Rhythm of the Seasons
Changing the Art on your walls in time with the seasons, and see how you become more in tune with your world.

Nature in all its Facets
Earthy trees, roots, flowers, weather, "organica", and 1 goose.

New York City Glory, 2002
Including the ground zero memorial and signs that things are returning to normal.

"Broken In" America
Buffalo, cows, trains, the West, Midwest, and a bit of rust.

Concrete, diners, graffiti, culture,East L.A., and more.

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