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The following payment options are available:
  • Go to our online ordering system to pay by Visa, Mastercard or American Express (fine photography prints not yet available via this method). Fill in the order form below, mail check or money order, or provide credit card info to:
    H-Y-P-H-E-N-A-T-E Productions, 1661 E. 400 Rd., Lawrence, KS 66049.
  • Call 785/550-9563 to give credit card info over the phone.
  • E-mail David or Joan your order with credit card and complete contact information.
Regardless of payment option please give complete contact information-- address, phone, e-mail, credit card expiration date, etc.-- so that your order may be promptly filled and that we may reach you in case of a question or concern.

If you experience any difficulty in ordering, accessing the ordering page, etc... please contact me and I will make it happen.

Item Item Preference Quantity Price Ea. Sub-Total
One World Flag Items
3' x 5' Sewn Nylon Flag _____ x $45.00=
Shirts (Specify Your Adult Sizes— Sm, Med, L, XL) _____ x $20.00=
Hat _____ x $20.00=
Plaque _____ x $28.00=
Enameled Pin _____ x $4.00=
Bumper Sticker _____ x $2.00=
"Doing It!" Subscription
Doing It! online subscription _____ x $18=
Doing It snail mail/postal subscription (black-and-white only) _____ x $26.00=
If you are purchasing a gift subscription(s) please give all of your contact information as purchaser, AND all of the recipient(s) contact information as well.
Joan Clark's Palais Aromaetica
the Moon Goddess Oracle Deck _____ x $16.00=
B the Messenger Goddess T-Shirts
"I Am What a Goddess Looks Like" (Specify Your Adult Sizes— Sm, Med, L, XL, 2XL) _____ x $20.00=
"Free the Womb" (Specify Your Adult Sizes— Sm, Med, L, XL, 2XL) _____ x $20.00=
These Goddess T-Shirts are intended to to be worn more tightly. If you are not as comfortable with this, you may wish to order up a size one larger than usual.
A Slice of Life: Carousels _____ x $24.95=
The Spirit of 66: Route 66 _____ x $24.95=
Change Your Handwriting, Create Your Future _____ x $24.95=
The Vimala Rodgers Handwriting System _____ x $120.00=
Fine Photography Prints
Please fill in the Print reference Number (e.g. B11-27 or P2-21A-C) and choose framed or unframed. Should you wish to order more prints than space allows print off multiple forms.
_____Unframed _____ x $375.00=
____________ _____Framed _____ x $425.00=
_____Unframed _____ x $375.00=
____________ _____Framed _____ x $425.00=
_____Unframed _____ x $375.00=
____________ _____Framed _____ x $425.00=
_____Unframed _____ x $375.00=
____________ _____Framed _____ x $425.00=
_____Unframed _____ x $375.00=
____________ _____Framed _____ x $425.00=
{Kansas residents add 7.3% sales tax [sub-total x .073]] ____________ Sales Tax
[$5.00 plus $0.50 per additional item] ____________ Shipping
____________ Total
Name ________________________________________
Street Address ________________________________________
City. State, Zip ________________________________________
Phone ________________________________________
E-mail ________________________________________
Credit Card Number and Expiration (if applicable):
If there is a different shipping address (i.e., a gift):
Name ________________________________________
Street Address ________________________________________
City, State, Zip ________________________________________
You may wish to be notified of new offerings. Such a notification list will be kept confidential:
________ I would like to be notified of new products and news. Please do not share my info with anyone else.

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