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NOTE: This is an introductory page only. Please visit the complete One World Flag website at www.oneworldflag.org

To download a full-color flyer (approx. 660k)detailing the basic mission statement of the flag and some products (flags, shirts, hats, etc.) that are available in support of this, please click here.

"Honoring the Talents, Abilities, and Uniqueness in Each of Us,
as Strengths that can Benefit All of Us."


The One World Flag is an international symbol of diversity, tolerance, uniqueness, self-esteem, and cooperation which has been endorsed by a growing number of individuals, groups, educational, spiritual and diplomatic leaders for its mission statement, purpose, and widesweeping inspirational effect.

Where students on their way home from school have always been able to identify "safe" houses in the neighborhood by a certain symbol placed in a front window, the One World Flag is quickly becoming a soothing reminder to others, stating-- "Diversity, Uniquenss, Tolerance, and Cooperation spoken here."

The flag honors the artistic and spiritual paths of each individual (the micro), and at the same time, inspires us to "Think Bigger!" (the macro). It is supportive of those who pursue whole systems living, betterment, empowerment, growth, tolerance, potential, expression and creativity, spirit, etc.... and consciously aims to side-step the fear-based aspects of political, religious, economic, or other limiting beliefs/dogma/agendas.

Work in progress includes the One World Kids program, translation into numerous languages, and a grassroots networking campaign to stimulate understanding between people of the world. To-date dialogue has been exchanged between visitors from 43 countries, many of whom have continued to correspond via the guestbook and on their own.

"While the steps of our individual paths may be different, our destination will ultimately be the same."

We hope that whatever you are about, you will resonate and identify with this symbol and these concepts that honor the expressions of all; and that you will spend some time visiting and re-visiting this site, learning more about work being done in the name of the flag... and sharing a bit of yourself.

Please visit the One World Flag website at: www.oneworldflag.org.

e-mail: david@oneworldflag.org

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