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In conjunction with the catalog of fine prints, a number of services are offered that may be of interest:
  • Candid Portraiture,
  • Commission/Assignment work, and
  • Licensing of Stock Images.
As individual cases relating to the above may differ, personal contact may be more effective and preferred. Following are some basic guidelines:

  • Candid Portraiture. Whenever most people think of a portrait, they remember sitting in front of some background of an apple orchard they've never been to... on an icy cold stool with their knees strained to the left... neck craned to the right... chin pointed up at the rafters... and generally, a resulting mugshot that no one except Aunt Minnie with glaucoma could ever love.

    "That doesn't look like me." "They never capture me." "I'm never comfortable getting my picture taken. It's a nightmare."

Enter-- Candid Portraiture.

Clients are photographed in their favorite surroundings, doing the things that makes them... them, with a session lasting long enough to forget about that pesky camera.

The resulting shots portray the person(s) you know and love.

A standard session includes up to 2 hours on-site, at $375 min. (more time=more bucks), plus film and processing. Forget "package" schemes. You order only the prints you want... and exactly the quantity you want

Call 785/887-1012 or e-mail david@hyphenate.org for more details.

  • Commission/Assignment work. In addition to my still photography experience I bring that of a Videographer of 20 years, and perhaps most notably, the background of a union Set Lighting Technician- Best Boy- Gaffer for motion pictures, television, and commercials, who has worked under a number of the world's renowned cinematographers. Photography is about light, and I have the capacity to incorporate this vast firsthand knowledge into the success of your project.

    From corporate headshots to commercial looks to that signature thematic piece your mantel calls for... I hope you will consider discussing your needs with me.

    Rates upon request.
  • Licensing of Stock Images. I have a growing library of images that extends beyond the scope of this online catalog. I believe my work is original, my prices are competitive, and that you will find me easy to work with. Please contact me for rates, subject matter, or other information.

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