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What, exactly, is a h-y-p-h-e-n-a-t-e?

Hello. My name is David Bartholomew and—on my own and in collaboration with various talented friends—I have been expanding a body of work that—
  • includes fine photography prints, “peoplementaries” on Carousels and Route 66, The One World Flag-- an international symbol of diversity, humorous and uplifting stories, work in various healing arts, the NEW "Doing It!" subscription newsletter on positive living, and more!

This work is very personal to me and:
  • originates from spirit, gratitude, and joy;
  • lets me be out traveling and visiting the interesting people and places of this country and the world;
  • and hopefully shall inspire you to go out and do what you love to do… in gratitude… with the folks you love to be with.
I hope you will spend some time looking around... and visit often.

I feel I have been gifted with an appreciation of words, an eye for singling out memorable snippets of life along the way, a sense of curiosity, and the advantages a short attention-span and sense of restlessness can bring.

H-Y-P-H-E-N-A-T-E Productions has evolved out of the grim realities that-- I enjoy sleeping past the opening bell of the 9-to-5… few can tolerate my loud, off-key singing, and there isn’t another job description that would pay me to make road trips in my faithful Astro van, contemplate my navel, take long midday baths, and talk to the trees.

You have the power to keep this dream alive!

Please come in, look around, enjoy yourself… and for gosh sakes—
buy something!

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